water 101


It’s KEY to drink smart before, during + after your workouts. 💦💦💦

My go-to workout drink concoction includes alkaline water w/ EBOOST, Spark or Ultima powder. (Especially useful for early morning + super sweaty workouts)

Read below to find out why 👇🏼

I have an alkaline water pitcher in my fridge so I drink alkaline water when I’m home, and try and always fill up my Swell bottle with alkaline water before heading to a workout.

Why drink alkaline water? Alkaline water has more key minerals than tap water that detoxify, hydrate, oxygenate, energize, boost metabolism and balance the body's pH. It enhances the immune system and the water’s antioxidant properties fight disease. 

*Cancer and many other illnesses cannot live in alkaline environments*

For your reference:
- high alkaline water: 9-10 pH
- tap water: 7 pH level
- human blood: 7.365 pH
- level for disease: 5 pH and below (shockingly, many bottled water brands fall in this area!)

SO - drinking alkaline water during or after a workout helps to rehydrate your body, while also amplifying your sweat detox.

(more in depth post on alkaline water is coming soon!)

If I don’t have my Swell bottle with me, my favorite bottled waters are Essentia and Just Water.

- Essentia is a bottled alkaline water with a 9.5 pH level.
- Just Water is a bottled alkaline water with an 8 pH level.

I prefer Just Water because they use recycled packaging: the bottle is made up of 82% renewable resources. The water is responsibly sourced and the brand is very eco-forward. (Learn more on their website.)

When I am in need of some energy pre-workout, I love both EBOOST and Spark powder mixes. These are especially necessary for me when I need a little motivational boost for early morning workouts.

EBOOST contains vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants, nootropics and natural caffeine that boost your energy and focus. I love that it contains 5htp - which is an amazing mood enhancer. I like the acai flavor (which I call Barbie water because it’s bright pink) and the pink lemonade flavor (which I call millennial water because it’s light pink) 


If you had a sweat dripping workout it’s important to make sure you hydrate a ton post sweat session. I typically carry single serve electrolyte powder packets if I go to Y7 or an intense boxing/HIIT class. I use Ultima - which I became obsessed with when I used to do bikram yoga almost everyday. The grape flavor is the best!!!  (life hack: this is also great as a hangover cure!!)



Hope this info inspires you to amp up your water for your next workout.

Feel free to send me any questions!!