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As stated in this TRAVEL SERIES INTRO, my travel mantra is: 


I am making it my mission to inspire people to have a balance between clean and dirty during their travels. In order to master clean traveling, it is essential to both PREP and PACK SMART. (Read my post on clean prep HERE.) For my trip to Dubai, Sri Lanka, Thailand and India, about 40% of my suitcase was made up of food, vitamins, supplements, and clean beauty products.

I have compiled my product checklist below with photos of how, when and why these clean staples where used throughout my trip.


linspo travel mantra.jpg


WHY: because these are all perfect on-to-go products with healthy, natural ingredients that will keep me full and energized throughout my travels. Since I am a huge advocate for the keto diet, and tried to eat keto as much as possible throughout my trip, I also selected these products because they are great sources of fat and protein, and low in carbs.



WHY: because staying properly hydrated is KEY when traveling. Between all of the exploring, sweating, daily workouts, cocktail consumption, etc -- these powders and teas saved my life. Since I was dedicated to following the keto diet as much as possible, I used the Zhou Nutrition Keto Drive powder to boost ketosis each day. 



WHY: because these products all contain clean ingredients that I can trust. It was really important for me to use natural products on my skin to balance out the amount of toxins I was exposed to throughout my trip. Since I knew I would be working out, and doing a lot of sweating, I brought FRÉ skincare with me because the products are formulated specifically for women who workout. I am obsessed with the serum!! (If you are a fitness or travel lover, get these products now!! Use discount code LINSPO25 for 25%!)



WHY: because I have a strict daily supplement regimen and I don't go anywhere without these babies! I relied on these supplements, vitamins + oils to wake me up and keep me energized, boost my brain and metabolism, keep my gut happy, prevent sickness, cure muscle pain and hangovers and help me relax and sleep. As you can see, I use a lot of Zhou Nutrition products, which is my favorite supplement brand. A Naturopath recommended the brand to me a few years ago, and I have been obsessed ever since.


Hope this is helpful when you prepare for your next trip!

xo lindsay