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So a few weeks ago I had to book a flight to SF so I checked all my favorite travel apps, found the best flight and booked it. About 30 minutes later I realized that I only booked a one way ticket instead of a roundtrip ticket 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️…. I guess that’s what happens after booking 12 one way tickets in the last 3 months. But one way ticket life is the best life!! 😜

On my flight to SF yesterday I realized how many travel hacks I’ve come up with between all of those one way tickets. They are a mix between bio-hacking and budget traveling that have allowed me to not only see more and do more, but to be able to experience it all feeling my best. (there is nothing worse than being sick while traveling!) I’m going to start sharing these travel hacks with you here on my blog.

linspo TRVL HACK #1: create KITS 👝

My suitcase was filled with a very organized variety of kits: supplements, teas, powders, beauty products, healthy snacks, an ‘I need brain power’ kit, an ‘I’m dying of a hangover’ kit, etc etc. These kits will help keep you healthy and save you time and money. I asked for hot water at the airport and pulled matcha and ginger teas out of my tea kit. I also started creating seat kits before going to the airport that contained everything I would need for that flight, depending on if it were a long flight and I would be doing work the whole time (energy supplements, keto powder, cacao nibs, notebook) or if it was an overnight flight (melatonin, calming teas, nuts, sleeping mask). It made it easy to just pull the kit out of my backpack when I got on the flight and then I wouldn’t need to keep getting up to grab things throughout the flight. A few items in yesterday’s kit were @zhou_nutrition + @perfectketones keto powders and raw coconut flakes sprinkled with pink himilayian salt. 💕