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I sat down with owner of Sunday’s Amy Ling Lin to chat about her beautiful salon and the non-toxic nail movement that everyone needs to know about (and get on board with asap)


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Name: Sundays Nail Salon
First Location: 51 E 25th St (b/w Park + Madison) — opened March 2017
Second Location: Pop-up at Saks Fifth Avenue in Brookfield Place

Amy explained that she named the salon Sundays because Sunday is the day to establish yourself and prepare for the coming week. On Sundays you are very conscious about how you are spending your time and who you are spending your time with. Her goal is to bring this genuine and mindful feeling to every day. 


The Sundays modern, scandanavian design is basically, AESTHETIC GOALS AF.

When asked to describe the Sundays experience in three words, she chose just one: hygge.  Hygge is a Danish concept that represents quality moments, spent alone or with a group of good friends, that are special, cozy and meaningful.

After a trip to Denmark, Amy loved that their culture and architecture focuses on coziness, using decor to make people feel happier. She designed the Sundays space with this goal in mind, using light-colored wood to add sense of warmth and multi-functional furniture to promote conscious living. The space is very clean and effortless, sans clutter, chunky machines or loud noises. She wants each person to feel as though they are walking into a friend’s home when they enter Sundays.

the space designed so that you can zone out from your day and zen into yourself.

Sundays specializes in ‘self-care’ beyond your typical treat-yo-self mani/pedi. They offer noise-cancelling headphones so guests can indulge in meditation sessions via the Inscape app. Amy made a great point, manicure meditating just makes sense because you are forced to stay off your phone for 15 minutes and can use that time to fully immerse yourself in the luxurious benefits of self-care + mindset refreshing.

She designed the salon experience to emulate these values:

  • wellness: our products are formulated with your health in mind

  • confidence: our community celebrates your uniqueness

  • simplicity: less is more




What makes certain nail polish brands toxic is the TPHP (Triphenyl phosphate). Studies have shown that it can be an endocrine disrupter, which screws with your hormones and can lead to INFERTILITY ISSUES and WEIGHT GAIN. 

The Sundays nail polish brand is non-toxic / made with the highest quality, healthy ingredients / vegan / cruelty free. The polish is ’10-free’ — which means they don’t contain the 10 harmful ingredients found in other nail polish brands that can negatively impact your immune and reproductive system and potentially cause headaches, nausea, dizziness, skin irritation and cancer.

Not only is the polish better for your body, but it's also economical in the sense that it is very durable. My manicure lasted longer than any other non-gel mani I've had, Also, the polish bottle is innovatively designed so that one stroke can finish the whole nail. 

They currently carry 15 beautiful shades, which are sold in the salon and other green beauty boutiques around the city including Shen Beauty + the Ace Hotel (Paint Box + Sia’s Beauty use the polish). Sundays is also launching a signature scent candle that will surely smell like straight Hygge. 


Sundays is truly a 'mind, body, spirit' experience. Amy’s mission is to train nail artists in the Sundays manner + non-toxic mindset. She wants to change people’s stereotypes of nail artists + encourage them to have a friendlier, more personal relationship (as you do with your hair dresser).

There are 5,000 nail salons in NYC, so competition is abundant, but Amy's entrepreneurial spirit is all about collaborating vs. competing. She wants to work together to transform the way nail salon’s operate and the products use.

Her goal is for the future of nail salons to embody a healthier, more positive environment, where people can go to celebrate themselves.