summer rolls

b/c salads on repeat can get boring, and studies show that food tastes better when you create multi-sensory food experiences 

on a scale from 1 to aesthetically pleasing af — summer rolls are pretty high up.
because they are pretty af 🌸
and also healthy af 🌱
AND easy af 👌🏼

FILE UNDER: handheld salad / dinner party pleaser / perfect for on-the-go 

◻︎ below I listed the ingredients I used to make the rolls pictured – but I often tendto make them w/ whatever veggies I find in my fridge
◻︎ add detoxification power to the rolls by including sprouts, the holy grail of detoxification foods
◻︎ make a batch of them ⇢ have a few for dinner + bring a few for lunch the next day
◻︎ pro tip: if you are making rolls for the next day, don’t add avocado slices because they may brown. Instead, bring an avocado with you and add fresh slices on top of the lunchtime rolls 


▹  2 cups pickled beets
▹  2-3 large carrots
▹  1 head of red cabbage
▹  2 avocados
▹  2 sweet potatoes
▹  2 portobello mushroom caps
▹  1 pkg microgreens (I used broccoli sprouts) 
▹  1/2 cilantro
▹  4 cups seaweed salad (I use macro vegetarian)
▹  rice paper wrappers (I use three ladies rice rolls)
▹  brown sesame seeds

[dipping sauce]
▹  1 cup peanut butter (I prefer to get the fresh ground pb at the grocery store)
▹  1/3 cup coconut nectar
▹  1/3 cup liquid aminos 
▹  1/3 cup water
▹  1/2 tsp pink himalayan salt

* makes 8 rolls


sweet potatoes:
▹  preheat oven to 400 degrees
▹  wash the sweet potatoes well
▹  pierce sweet potato w/ fork 6x
▹  wrap each sweet potato in foil + place on baking sheet
▹  bake sweet potatoes for ~25-30 minutes (you want them to be cooked, but crunchy!)
▹  once cooked, let them sit for a few minutes to cool and then slice into thin strips

prep veggies: 
▹  wash all veggies
▹  chop the beets, cabbage and mushrooms into thin strips
▹  slice the avocado
▹  peel carrots into ribbons
▹  chop cilantro  

prepare rolls:
▹  divide all ingredients into piles on large cutting board - or multiple bowls
▹  fill a medium size bowl with warm water and spread out a clean dishtowel next to it
▹  place a rice paper wrap into the warm water and hold it down for 8-10 seconds so that it will soften (if you leave it in the water for too long, the wraps will become too delicate and tear easily)
▹  take out the wrap and carefully spread on top of the towel
▹  add a few of each veggie slice, a small handful of carrots, a spoonful of seaweed salad, 2-3 sweet potato strips, 2 avocado strips, and a sprinkling of cilantro to the middle of the paper (make sure to not add too many -- you may need to experiment a few times to find the best amounts)
▹  fold the top and bottom flaps over the veggie pile and then fold over the right flap and tuck it under the veggie pile and then roll the left flap around the roll and stick it to the side so it stays shut
▹  sprinkle with brown sesame seeds
▹  repeat, repeat, repeat

rice paper spread out on dish towel ( note, this was from another batch of rolls I made using other ingredients than listed here )

rice paper spread out on dish towel
(note, this was from another batch of rolls I made using other ingredients than listed here)


[dipping sauce]

▹  combine peanut butter, coconut nectar, liquid aminos, water + pink salt in blender
▹  blend until smooth
▹  the consistency should be medium thick (add extra water if the consistency is too thick, and extra pb to make it thicker)
▹  serve in small bowl next to the summer roll display

(when you make your own summer rolls - snap a pic + tag #linspoeats)