shroom trippin': advocad-faux toast

why? b/c we are deleting the bread ğŸž
the simple carbs in bread turn into sugar in your body ⇢ this creates a quick spike in energy, followed by a crash/fatigue, which can impair mental function 😴

and replacing it with mushrooms 🍄
mushrooms improve energy levels + brain function 🤗

FILE UNDER:  #healthybreakfast / avocado addicts / unbasic bitch eats

◻︎ linspo declaration: avocad-faux toast is the next staple of brunch menus + instagram feeds
◻︎ it’s a perfect easy + healthy bfast option to make for yourself – or for large groups
◻︎ can make in bite size w/ sliced mini portobello mushrooms -or- faux bagels using portobello caps
◻︎ backstory: The last few Christmas mornings, my sis and I created the dream DIY avo toast situation with every toast topping you could possibly imagine. Since this has evolved into somewhat of a family tradition, avo toast has become a breakfast staple on every fam trip and holiday we've spent together. Example: my nieces recently came to visit the East Coast for a nice beach weekend in East Hampton. As we readied the menu for the trip, avocado toast was of course included (how could it not be?!). Since I am on a ketogenic-ish diet right now (so staying away from carbs/grains) I wanted to put a linspo spin on the classic avo toast / smoked salmon bagel — I swapped out bread/bagels with MUSHROOMS and avocad-faux toast was born.


▹ mushrooms (baby bella or portobello caps)
▹ 2 ripe avocados
▹ 4 eggs
▹ 1 large tomato
▹ 1 package of smoked salmon
▹ capers
▹ (unrefined) olive oil (I use Bragg)
▹ pink Himalayan salt

▹ hardboil the eggs, then slice
▹ in a bowl, mash avocados with a bit of olive oil or avocado oil
▹ slice the tomato
▹ bite size: slice mushrooms and lay on tray
▹ faux bagel: lay portobello caps on tray

top each with:
▹ avocado mash
▹ thin tomato slices
▹ hardboiled eggs slices
▹ pieces of smoked salmon
▹ capers
▹ drizzle with olive oil
▹ sprinkle with pink salt

(when you make your avocado-faux toast - snap a pic + tag #linspoeats)