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If you are trying to get fit and haven't taken Jenna's barre3 class yet -- GO IMMEDIATELY! Not only are her playlist's fire, but she will make your muscles burn oh sooo good. (I couldn't walk for days after her class!) I chatted with her about barre, her career, her health regime and wellness learnings. She shared some great tips, including how to stay fit during the holidays, especially while traveling, and recommeded a great detox program. Find out more below -- and be sure to check out the amazing 'Pilates Y La Playa' retreat she is hosting in Costa Rica Feb 1 - 5. 🌴


What led you to become a barre3 instructor?
I worked on 55th and 6th at PHYTO for so many years, so I used to go to Physique 57 after work. I started dancing when I was 3 years old (the age in which my daughter is now) and danced everything from ballet, tap and jazz up until college. I loved that Physique 57 was a Lotte Berk inspired workout and thought to myself how cool would it be if I can open a studio like this in Edgewater, NJ (where I ended up moving to in 2005.) But what truly led me to barre3 was a PR moment. I picked up a copy of US Weekly on my then desk in  my office, flipped through it and read about the founder of barre3, Sadie Lincoln- who was featured as Madonna's trainer. Since I've never heard of barre3 before (it's a Portland, Oregon based company) I did some investigating. I reached out to the company, learned more, and it turns out Sadie came into to town and taught some underground NYC class in which I attended. Barre3 started their franchise business at the time and I ended up flying myself out to Portland, OR myself to learn more. In the end, I didn't end up opening a studio, instead I ended up training and becoming a barre3 instructor. I then started teaching - as a founding instructor in Morristown, NJ - then in Livingston, NJ and now in their first (and only) NYC location in the West Village. 




What do you love about barre?
So many things! First I just love being in a studio again. I love the music, I love movement and it just feels so good and natural in my own skin to move the way we do. Barre3 specifically has evolved over the years, but one thing that hasn't changed is the formula. It’s a combination of an isometric hold, small controlled movements, and then a large range of motion flush outs. B3 is total body workout. After teaching and taking classes after 5 years, I still shake, quake and rarely plateau. We also celebrate and offer modifications and honor listening to your body.  


What can people expect from your class?
A killer playlist, combined with a killer total body workout that is challenging for both the mind and the body. And most likely you’re going to sweat!! 


What sets barre apart from other types of workouts, and what sets barre3 apart from other types of barre studios?
barre is low impact, but it's also ridiculously effective. It is also cardio which many may not believe. We focus on alignment, we hit a ton of muscle groups in order to build strength and balance the body. As I mentioned in my previous answer, barre3 is not your typical barre workout. It has evolved over the years. We may work in center the whole time, we may use a resistance band, or use the barre most of class. I think what sets it apart is it’s vibe and community. We are a giving, humble, beautiful community that is open level for EVERY BODY. Men included ;) 




What do you recommend mixing into your workout regime, along with barre, to target various muscles and techniques?
Well, Barre3 already targets various muscle groups so we’ve got everything covered in 60 minutes. For me, I mix in walking, running, hot yoga and of course dancing! I’ve also recently took a boxing class and I loved it. Total stress reliever!

I am a huge advocate for low impact workouts, but die-hard HIIT/cardio fanatics are tough to convince. What would you say to them?
True! I’d tell them to come take my class!!! Ha. I almost can’t explain it-you’d have to experience it. But I have to say some of my favorite moments happen when someone (in good shape even-and men especially) takes class and they’re sweating bullets and challenged both in mind and body. Micro movements are no joke! 


What advice would you give someone who is doing barre for the first time?
I’d tell them to go at their own pace. Even if we’re moving fast, you can move slow. Listen to the instructor, listen to their body and most of all, have FUN!  


Should people eat before, or wait until after?
What is the best thing to eat?
Yes, I think having something light before class is always good. A piece of fruit, some almonds, etc. After class, I’d recommend protein. I love a plant based protein smoothie. I’m usually starving after my classes, and that’s when I eat a delicious salad. 




What are some good barre moves that people can do at home or during travels?  
Great question! You can do a good sumo squat just about anywhere. It's such a functional move to strengthen the glutes, core and entire back body. Planks are great and target the entire body-same with all 4’s work. You can also do Power leg, warrior 2, warrior/crescent lunge for a good hip flexor stretch. Even bridge lifts! I can go on and on. 


Do you have any barre videos you can share? has a ton of online workouts that you can choose from. 10,30,40 even 60 minute workouts. I unfortunately don’t have any of my own yet, but maybe one day!!


What is your go-to breakfast as a busy mom?
A smoothie! And it can be simple- plant based protein powder (chocolate is my fave) spinach, berries, banana, chia seeds. You can even meal prep it in a ziplock bag the night before and put it in your freezer. I also love a good avocado toast or rolled oats.  




What is your favorite health tip you have ever learned?
Hmmmm. To eat whole, unprocessed Foods. To eat breakfast everyday and to eat every few hours to keep the metabolism going. 


What are some tips for staying healthy and fit during the holidays
Try to get a workout in even if it’s 10 mins a day!  You can even sneak 10 mins in the morning and 10 at night. Whatever you can get in. You can also take more stairs, park your car further away, also get up a stretch of you work at a Desk all day. This is a crazy time of year so just fit it in while you can. You need self-care now more than ever!!!


Do you have any tips for a ‘quick slim down’ before leaving for a beach vacation for the holidays?
Yes. I love doing a “Shred” for 10 Days. For 10 Days you Rid bad habits and focus on eating healthier while flooding your body with more fruits and veggies/plant based smoothies. For 10 Days you’ll eliminate caffeine, dairy, gluten, even alcohol (eek I know!!) but you’ll feel flipping amazing. This is all while working out, getting 8 hours of sleep etc. you can do anything for 10 Days! 


Where can we find out more information about this detox?
On my site:
Hit me up if you want to join me for one. I usually do one a few times a year. Next one is January 8th 2018. New Year, New You! If you want a longer program, Barre3 has a 28 day program. 




So tell me all about this amazing retreat you are hosting!!
It’s called Pilates Y La Playa Feb 1st-5th 2018 in Costa Rica.
Details: If you're seeking a mind and body getaway that combines low-impact, yet energizing workouts, exciting activities, and free time to decompress in the sunshine, this trip has got it all! We're combining two of our favorite things: Pilates and the beach ("playa" in Spanish) for a welcoming and balanced retreat that is focused on letting go of our stress and enjoying the moment! Join us as we experience the Costa Rican culture- including nature, music and dancing the night away while feeling good.

  • Fitness: Each day, Coach Jenna Muller will lead two classes to target the whole body with a focus on building a strong core. Morning classes will vary between Pilates and Jenna's signature 'Rock the Mat' cardio barre workout meant to get the heart rate up with minimal impact. In the evenings around sunset, our second class will be more restorative and core-focused, either a traditional Pilates mat class or a yoga-inspired stretching workshop. Appropriate for all levels!

  • Adventure: There is so much to see and do in beautiful Costa Rica, and on this getaway we'll spend one afternoon visiting a neighboring beach for stand-up paddle boarding, a lot of fun and a great core workout! On another day, we will depart for a zip lining tour for an adrenaline rush and the most amazing views! These activities are included, but optional if you choose to sit out and do your own thing!

  • Relaxation: Each day will balance activities with free time to relax, reflect, or go explore on your own or with others. Our resort is right on the beach and also has a couple of pools (with a swim-up bar!) so free time is yours to cherish! Other ideas are to get a massage, sign up for an extra excursion, or visit the town for some shopping.


How can people learn more and sign up?
Here is the link:


What sets your retreat apart from other retreats?
It’s fun, affordable, and attainable. I’ll guide you every step of the way. Plus- We’ll go zip lining, paddle boarding and even go dancing. There’s no diet restrictions (healthy is best) but it’s not restrictive. It’s meant to be relaxing, sometimes challenging and memorable!!! 


Okay, last question. With such a crazy busy schedule, what self-care practices do you prioritize in your regimen? 
Massage!!! I would get one every day if I could. Foam rolling, a mani pedi and also spending time with family and friends.