jab jab punch




X  for the quick calorie burn
X  for the brain/body connection
X  for the therapy session
X  for the self defense skills


Boxing is a full body workout that engages all of your muscles, with a primary focus on upper body and core.

The fast-paced movements will strengthen your muscles while burning fat --> allowing you to lose weight, tone your body, flatten your belly and build that six-pack. This balance of body slimming + muscle toning is why so many supermodels have incorporated boxing into their workout routines.

Since your body transitions between periods of '100% effort' and then periods of 'active recovery', not only do you burn A TON of calories in a short amount of time, but you are also putting in major favors for your heart. Boxing elevates your cardiovascular health, protecting your ♥️ from heart disease.

One of my most favorite benefits of boxing, and what sets it apart from other cardio workouts like cycling and running, is that it strengthens your brain/body connection. Having to instantaneously learn and execute punch sequences makes boxing a great challenge for not only your bod, but also your mind. It forces you to focus and react quickly, enhancing your memory + hand-eye coordination.

Additionally, the act of punching, especially during the periods of 'freestyle' power punching, alleviates stress and gets your lymphatic circulation flowing. Boxing classes are a great way to knock out any negative feels and leave with a boost of endorphins.

Aside from all of these incredible benefits, the knowledge of basic self-defense skills is something I am grateful to have. Also makes me feel pretty bada$$. 🤘🏼




If you haven't tried a boxing class before, don't be intimidated. You will leave feeling AMAZING. 

Below I have listed my favorite studios in NYC, including recommendations on where to go if it's your first time. 

My top 4 boxing studios in NYC:


  • intensity level: 9

  • great overall conditioning

  • everyone has their own bag

  • the class starts with 15 minutes of HIIT style moves, followed by 40 minutes of punch sequences mixed w/ a few more HIIT moves, and the class ends with 15 minutes of abs

  • definitely take Michael’s class, he’s intense but really motivating

  • I don’t recommend this class for first timers


  • Boxing intensity is 7/8, yoga component takes the overall class intensity down to 6

  • ombo of high-intensity boxing and yoga

  • hare bags with partner throughout class

  • the class begins with 30 minutes of punch sequences on a bag, switching back-and-forth with a partner, followed by 30 minutes of a yoga flow + savasana

  • I love that this class combines HIIT with LISS. It’s great to stretch your body and realign your spin after all of the upper body movements

  • Take Gaby's class - she's an amazing instructor!!


  • intensity level: 9

  • full body workout

  • everyone has their own bag

  • the format is similar to barry’s bootcamp but swaps boxing bags for the treadmills

  • you transition between punching sequences and weight training/HIIT style sets

  • Okay for beginners


  • intensity level: 6 for Ring Work class; 7 for Underground class

  • cardio-based workout

  • he vibey, street stye version of boxing studios on NYC

  • there are 2 types of classes:

    • Ring Work: PERFECT for first-timers! Walks you through how to properly throw punches, giving great instruction on body positioning

    • Underground: this class takes place in the basement of the studio and transitions between HIIT style moves, quick punch sequences, some partner work, and a bit of freestyle punching on the bags (take Delen’s class!!)


Where I want to try next:

I can't wait to take the Fight class at WeWork's new wellness club, Risebywe. I have also heard amazing things about Aerospace High Performance Center.


Let me know what other boxing gyms I should try out!